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At Spectrum, we believe that art captures all the complexities and intersectionalities of the queer experience. From queer joy to queer rage, we give 2SLGBTQIA+ artists a platform and highlight queer excellence in the Eastern Washington and North Idaho arts scene. We commit to paying artists and creating connections to additional resources and opportunities. These projects uplift the art of local queer artists digitally, via print projects, and at events.

Our Projects

We collaborate with artists on projects year-round Most recently, we’ve published Spectrum’s 2021 Yearbook and the Vax-Zine, contributed work to Reimagine Spokane’s 2022 GOTV zine, and hosted the 2022 Queer Art Walk Open Mic Night. All of these projects are collaborations with other local organizations and supported by grant funding.  Spend some time wandering our virtual galleries below to see examples of the queer experience crystallized in art.

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